Living in Harmony Banrai

Banrai encourages a healthy and balanced diet for those who are trying to achieve a modern, active lifestyle. Enjoy what Banrai can offer by embracing naturally wholesome flavors that elevate your senses. You’ll find that living in harmony with Banrai both enriches the body and indulges the soul.

Banrai’s Philosophy


Banrai believes in both helping people achieve healthy and happy lifestyles through diet, and contributing to a sustainable society through our brand.


Banrai considers every detail in making our soy products. We continue to better the quality and originality of our products through an involved collaboration of nutrition research institutes, food professionals, and lifestyle consultants.


Blissful Banrai’s fresh soy products ensure that each bite is entirely natural and completely enjoyable.
Versatile A quick and easy solution for those whose lifestyles demand simplicity.
Joyful Making home-cooked tofu is part of the joy of cooking with Banrai.
Playful Use your creativity and have fun with Banrai. The possibilities of what you can make are endless.
Sophisticated A stylish design, both Zen and modern, that creates beautiful, appetizing results.
Wholesome Indulge yourself with what’s good for your body and soul.


Banrai strives to achieve three goals – to promote the economy, to better the environment, and to improve society – by allowing all of our stakeholders to take part in the direction our brand will follow. It is Banrai’s promise to continuously think about people, the environment they live in, and our contribution to a better, more sustainable society.

Our Logo

Banrai’s logo is shaped like the Japanese character “万(Ban),” or like the B in Banrai. We believe our logo’s sleek shape symbolizes a love for nature, a free-thinking and global take on life, and a modern but traditional Zen character. Like our logo, our products express individuality, blend the East and West, and harmoniously bring nature into our customers’ lives – heart, body, and soul.