What are some helpful tips to make great Banrai Tofu?
  • Soymilk needs to contain more than 11% of soy bean solid to make tofu. Always use Banrai Soymilk for the best result. Regular soymilk or soy drink will not curdle.
  • Use the precise amount of Nigari coagulant, and stir well evenly and as soon as nigari is added.
  • Use the right type of solid fuel. When using a stove, use low to medium heat.
  • Be sure to pour water into the outer pot up to the indicated line, or it may alter results.
  • In the winter time, it is recommended to use hot water or more solid fuel.


Can I keep Banrai Soymilk in a freezer?
No. Freezing may cause separation in the soymilk.


How long does Banrai Soymilk last?
Once it’s opened, it is recommended to keep it refrigerated, and finish it within a few days.


Can I use other kinds of soymilk instead of Banrai Soymilk?
The typical soymilk sold in the US is for drinking purpose. Such soymilk only contains between 2% and 6% of soy bean solid. However, at least 11% of soy bean solid is needed to make tofu, or it will not curdle. Banrai soymilk contains the optimum percentage of soy bean solid. It is recommended that Banrai Soymilk is used when cooking with Banrai-Nabe, along with our pre-measured Nigari coagulant packages. (About 125cc to 150cc Tofu can be made from one bag of Nigari coagulant.)


Do I need to consume Banrai Tofu immediately?
Not necessarily. Cover Banrai Tofu with a plastic wrap and keep it refrigerated. It is recommended to eat it within 2 or 3 days.


Is Banrai-Nabe microwavable, dishwasher safe, toaster oven safe, and gas stove safe?
Yes to all! An outer pot is made of a heat resistant ceramic. However, avoid heating an empty pot.
Because the inner pot is made of porcelain, it is not recommended to place the inner pot directly on a gas stove.


Can I make firmer tofu?
Well, you could, if you use less soymilk to the same amount of nigari coagulant. Tofu is usually soft when it’s warm, but hardens slightly as it cools down.
However, we believe fresh tofu is best eaten soft and still warm.


The tofu doesn’t curdle evenly. What should I do?
The higher the temperature of soymilk, the faster it curdles and the more unevenly it cooks. Although you could use soymilk at room temperature, chilled soymilk results in evenly smooth tofu. Additionally, be sure to stir soymilk as soon as you add Nigari coagulant, before it starts to curdle. Coagulation will start after you add Nigari coagulant. Do not let it sit without stirring.
If the surface bubbles, you can spray with water to remove the bubbles.