Products size
(Individual Size)
Black、Dark Red、Dark Brown
6.50”(Dia) x 4.33”(H),
Inner Pot 125-200ml, Outer Pot 450ml
Banrai Soymilk
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Individual portion
Good source of protein
*Materials: Outer pot, lid: Heat resistant ceramic, Inner pot: Porcelain
*BANRAI-Nabe is best when used with BANRAI Soymilk
*Individually packed Nigari (coagulant) sold separately
*For other products in BANRAI series, please inquire

Double Layered Steaming Structure

Steam cooking is healthier than other methods for preparing food, and BANRAI takes it one step further.
BANRAI’s patent-pending Double Boiler Cooker has a unique double-layered structure. The result is healthy but great-tasting food because few nutrients are broken up or evaporated into the water.

Unlike conventional steamers, BANRAI-Nabe allows the natural convection of heat to travel evenly and throughout the pot. First, steam from boiling water in the outer pot circulates around its circumference, from top to bottom. Then, steam travels downwards, allowing the food to be steam-cooked from all sides of the pot. Any excess moisture then rolls down the lid and is collected back into the outer pot – therefore, only a small amount of water is necessary. This method distributes uniform heat all around and perfectly steams the contents of the pot in minimal time.


Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury to person.
Indicates a potentially hazardous or unsafe situation or practice which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury to person, and damage to equipment.
Even items described in【CAUTION】may result in a serious accident. In either case, please follow these important steps to insure proper operation.
  • Do not touch burning solid fuel, or you may get burns.
  • Do not use the product on an unstable surface.
  • Do not let children use the product unattended.
  • Do not use the product in reach of small children. It may cause fire, burns or injuries.
  • Pour water into the outer pot (30~50cc) when cooking with the product. Pouring water more than or less than the indicated amount, or heating the product empty may cause burns and damage to the product.
  • Use a pot stand under the pot, or it will be heated extraordinary hot, and it may cause serious accidents.
  • Do not touch the pot with bare hands when pot is hot. Rising steam may also cause accidents.
  • Open the product with care. Use of a towel or mitt is suggested to prevent possible burns.
  • Do not drop, hit, or knock product in use.
  • Do not touch the product until solid fuel is used up.
  • Place the solid fuel an inch away from the bottom of the product to keep enough space between pot and flame.
  • Place the lid in the right position when cooking.
  • Do not use the product if fractured.

□Before use

Make sure that the product (“Banrai-nabe”) is not fractured.
We carefully examine all products before shipping. However, if you notice any problem, please contact us before using it.


  • Use mild detergent to wash the product.
  • Do not heat the pot when empty.

□Cooking with “Banrai-nabe”

  • Pour water into the outer pot.
  • Chose the appropriate type of solid fuel. For a small pot, 10g solid fuel is the appropriate size. Please inquire for more details.
  • Do not open the lid while cooking. It may result in uneven tofu.
  • Avoid blowing or ventilating air around pot, as flame may become uncontrollable.

□Making perfect Banrai Tofu

  • ・Pour a suitable amount of nigari (coagulant), and stir well for best result.
  • ・Use Banrai soymilk only. Regular soymilk or soy drink may not curdle.

□Using Banrai Soymilk

  • ・No additives or preservatives are used in Banrai Soymilk to maintain the freshness and natural flavor. Once the package is open, keep it refrigerated and use quickly.
  • ・We meticulously examine the quality of our products and guarantee the highest quality with our Banrai Soymilk. However, if you find any problems, please contact us immediately.

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